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Contact Information:
Tel: 508-776-3947
P.O. Box 184
Barnstable Ma. 02630

Email: jeffloweband@aol.com with questions or comments about this web site.

2017 Schedule

June 30th(Fri)Black Cat 7-10:30PMHyannis(Jeff & Jim)
July 1st(Sat)Island Blue Crab Cafe 7-10PMBrewster(Jeff & Les)
July 2nd(Sun)Black Cat 7-10PMHyannis(solo piano)
July 3rd(Mon)Black Cat 7-10PMHyannis(solo piano)
July 5th(Wed)Red Jacket 6-9PMS Yarmouth(Jeff & Les)
July 6th(Thur)Lure 7-10PMNew Seabury(Jeff & Les)
July 7th(Fri)Black Cat 7:30-11PMHyannis(Jeff & Les)
July 8th(Sat)Private Party 6:30PMChatham(Jeff,Les,Jim,Lou)
July 9th(Sun)Black Cat 7:30-10:30PMHyannis(solo piano)
July 10th(Mon)Black Cat 7:30-10:30PMHyannis(solo piano)
July 12th(Wed)Red Jacket 4-7PMS Yarmouth(Jeff & Les)
July 13th(Thur)Lure 7-10PMNew Seabury(Jeff & Les)
July 14th(Fri)Black Cat 7:30-11PMHyannis(Jeff & Jim)
July 15th(Sat)Cape Codder 8-11PMHyannis(Jeff, Bob & Jim)
July 16th(Sun)Craigville Beachclub NoonCraigville(Jeff & Les)
July 16th(Sun)Black Cat 7:30-10:30PMHyannis(solo piano)
July 17th(Mon)Black Cat 7:30-10:30PMHyannis(solo piano)
July 19th(Wed)Red Jacket 4-7PMS Yarmouth(Jeff & Les)
July 20th(Thur)Lure 7-10PMNew Seabury(Jeff & Les)
July 21st(Fri)Black Cat 7:30-11PMHyannis(Jeff & Les)
July 22nd(Sat)Planck's Tavern/Oliver's 9:45PMYarmouthport(Jeff,Les,Jim,Don)
July 23rd(Sun)Black Cat 7:30-10:30PMHyannis(solo piano)
July 24th(Mon)Black Cat 7:30-10:30PMHyannis(solo piano)
July 26th(Wed)Red Jacket 4-7PMS Yarmouth(Jeff & Les)
July 27th(Thur)Lure 7-10PMNew Seabury(Jeff & Les)
July 28th(Fri)Eastward Ho 5:30-8PMChatham(Brian, Kirk & Jeff)
July 28th(Fri)Black Cat 7:30-11PMHyannis(Jeff,Les & Jim)
July 29th(Sat)Island Blue Crab Cafe 7-10PMBrewster(Jeff & Les)
July 30th(Sun)Black Cat 7:30-10:30PMHyannis(solo piano)
July 31st(Mon)Black Cat 7:30-10:30PMHyannis(solo piano)